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The Full Story

Wild Shropshire Restaurant


The Restaurant

We are located in the humble center of Whitchurch, Shropshire, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, we found our home in 2020.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions that year we were only allowed to open for a total of 3 months in our first year. 

Since then however, we have grown and made great strides in our pursuit of being a sustainable restaurant. As a team, we have a shared vision of being a restaurant-with-rooms in the future while continuing on our cyclical usage journey to enhance sustainability within the hospitality sector. 

The Farm

Within the Wild Shropshire ethos, we began our farm in 2023. The farm is situated only 2 miles from the restaurant, managed organically under regenerative farming principles led our our farm manager, Geoff, under the stewardship of our founder and head chef, James Sherwin. The aim is to enhance the variety of organically grown produce, increasing soil health and local biodiversity, reducing food miles by incorporating the produce into the menus at Wild Shropshire Restaurant.

prep phot.jpeg
prep phot.jpeg

The Lab

Our Fermentation lab is an area of our cyclical process that we are incredibly proud of. The ferments that are created in our converted shipping container find their way into multiple dishes on the menu for the restaurant, as well as in the soft drinks and cocktails that we provide for our guests. By fermenting the produce that comes from the farm, we are able to cut down on food waste and create more interesting flavours for guests to enjoy.


The Chef

James Sherwin has found himself (somewhat begrudgingly) in the position of owner and executive chef.  Being a self-taught chef, he originally trained and practiced as a paediatric nurse but was drawn into hospitality by gaining inspiration from the likes of René Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson, Blaine Wetzel, Andoni Luis Aduriz, and Jamie Oliver (his risotto, specifically).

James is passionate about maintaining a healthy work-life balance and endeavours to alter the status of hospitality that leads to burnout. 

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